Exclusive Interview With Adventure Club At RBC Bluesfest 2014


What do you look for when you go to remix a song?

Adventure Club: We get approached to do a lot of remixes and we turn down a lot of them. The song needs to speak to us, and it’s really random if it does. We don’t like the idea of a remix. We call them remixes, but I feel like with the way we do a remix, you can call something like Levels a remix too. It’s just a re-imagination with the vocals from another song. If we can hear the vocals and feel something that isn’t in the song already, then we’ll run with it. We’re willing to totally de-construct the song too in order to get our sound. I feel like the listener doesn’t want to hear something that’s similar to the original, they want something pretty different.

What can we expect from you guys for the rest of 2014?

Adventure Club: More music and more shows. [laughs] We’ve been working on some stuff, a lot of records. We put our album on the backburner for now. We want to put out more singles and remixes first. The album will be good though, we’re going to try our hand at a few different things. Learning a new genre is difficult, but we want to do it. We’ve branched out already and people are expecting us not just to stick to Dubstep for the new album. There will be some, but it won’t be entirely Dub.

How do you guys feel about all the controversy surrounding drug related deaths at EDM concerts?

Adventure Club: I don’t want to be cold about it, but like for EDC, if you get over 100,000 people partying for three or four days straight, someone may die. Go downtown in New York and take a sample of 100,000 people one weekend and see what you get. Two or three of them might die. People party too hard sometimes. I feel terrible for the families, of course, but there shouldn’t be such a negative stigma to the whole EDM scene.

That concludes our interview, but we’d like to thank Christian and Leighton very much for their time! Check out their killer new track below and let us know what you think in the comments section.