Exclusive Interview: Andrew Rayel Talks New Material For 2016 And Hans Zimmer


I’ve heard you’re really into Hanz Zimmer, too?

Rayel: Yes, I’m a big fan! He’s my all time favorite, a big genius. I mean, he’s been a huge inspiration for me, in terms of melodies, harmonies, and I’m a big fan of movie soundtracks. When you hear all these harmonies and all these transactions, it’s so different from electronic music, but at some point it’s so close because you can use all these melodies in a very unique way and just add a bassline and a beat and people are just going to go crazy at a festival. I don’t know, maybe one day when I get older, I’ll just quit electronic music and I’ll just do like scores and soundtracks for movies… I do these things sometimes, but they never get released so I just save them. They’re just for me, they’re for my soul.

You’ve been traveling all over the world since your album last year. What’s been your favorite venue?

Rayel: There is no one favorite venue… I hate this question! Everyone wants to know the favorite! There is no one particular favorite – there are a bunch of favorites. If we’re talking about America: Echostage, I love Marquee in Vegas, I love Exchange in LA. Every city has an amazing venue and an amazing atmosphere. You can’t really choose one. Maybe there are some places that were okay, but favorite? There are a lot of favorites.

What do you think people can learn from a music festival and coming out here and just being themselves?

Rayel: Well I feel like DJs are the new age musicians. Like the new generation’s musicians, so they get to present all the new music to the people. So, they can definitely learn a lot of, in terms of music, they can learn a lot of harmonies, a lot of new melodies. I mean, they can learn that music brings us all together, and makes them forget all the routine, all the problems they have in their lives.

And you can see, there are so many wars happening in this world, so many countries that fight with other countries, but then you go to TomorrowWorld and you see these people from these same countries dancing on the same dance floor all together… And that’s unbelievable! That’s what they should learn, go back to their countries and do the same thing! They should all come together and dance, not fight each other.

Are you still wearing your lucky bracelet?

Rayel: Ugh! I was very sad that day… I lost it at one of my gigs at Marquee, I forgot it in the hotel room. It was a big deal, I freaked out. I called the hotel and told them to go to the room, but it had been cleaned up already and they threw it away and I don’t have it anymore. But it had been with me for almost 3 years, so I hoped I was going to keep it forever… Like three years ago very close person gave it to me, and since then I decided that it was my lucky bracelet and I’m just going to wear it every show, and I did! I didn’t make any show without it. It’s been a while now since I lost it, so it’s okay.

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Rayel: Thank you so much for all the support and thank you guys for following me! I’m working on a very exciting project for the next year, and it’s going to be absolutely incredible. So just be patient and great things will come!

That concludes our interview, but we’d like to thank Andrew Rayel very much for his time!

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