Exclusive Interview With Arty


Russian producer Arty is one of the hottest up-and-comers in EDM right now. Blending house and trance together for wildly impressive results, the DJ continues to surprise us with each new release that he puts out. 2014 saw no less than five singles and three remixes from the musical prodigy, and seeing as he’s hard at work right now on his debut album, 2015 should be an even bigger year for Arty.

Having put out his first production at the age of 19, the producer quickly caught the attention of trance legends Above & Beyond, who quickly signed him to their label Anjunabeats. With the backing of one of the industry’s strongest labels behind him, Arty made waves with songs like “Around The World,” “Mozart,” “Rebound,” “Trio” and many more, earning respect and praise from some of EDM’s hottest names.

Last week, the DJ touched down in Miami for an explosive set at Story Nightclub. Infectious and energetic, Arty’s music had the crowd going all night. Before he got on stage, however, I had the chance to sit down with him for an exclusive interview. We spoke about what he’s got planned for his album, the EDM scene in Russia, the state of trance and much more.

Check it out below and enjoy!

You just released “Night Like This” as a free download. Why did you release it for free and where did the idea for the song come from?

Arty: I’m working on finishing my album right now, and it’s pretty close to be done. All the songs have been assembled, I’m just tweaking the production right now. The second single will probably be released in February. Before that though, I wanted to do something special for my fans, to say thank you for the support that they’ve given me, so I released “Night Like This” for free.

This is a track that I’ve been working on for a while actually, since 2012. It was originally just a demo I made in a couple of hours. I went back to it recently though while I was working on the album and decided that it would fit in well and that I could use it, so I finished it.

Do you have a release date for the album yet?

Arty: Not yet. You’ll definitely hear another single or two before Ultra though. It’s almost done, very close to complete. It’s a cool album, I’m bringing something really new to my sound. We did about 35-40 songs total and had to pick out the right ones. We have the core of the album now, though. It’ll be about twelve songs, and only two won’t have vocals.

Who will you be collaborating with on the album?

Arty: Just Mat Zo. There’s a lot of singers who helped me out, but no other producers.