Exclusive Interview With Thomas Gold At EDC Orlando 2014

Thomas Gold

Thomas Gold stormed onto the EDM scene in 2006 and has not looked back ever since. The Berlin born DJ has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, who seek out Gold for his trademark melodic sound. Whether it’s through his own singles like “Sing2Me,” “Remember” and the recently released “Colourblind,” or remixes he’s done for other artists, like Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain,” Thomas Gold is always impressing and delivering fresh and exciting new tunes that only help to solidify his status as one of the hottest talents out there.

The other week, Gold touched down in Florida to play a set at EDC Orlando, and we caught up with him for an exclusive interview before he went on stage. Though he only had a bit of time to spare, the producer touched on working with Kate Elsworth, why he loves EDC so much, what he’s got coming up, and more.

Check it out below, and enjoy!

How has your Colourblind tour been going so far?

Thomas Gold: It’s been great. I’ve been to a lot of places. It’s been a ton of fun and the feedback has been awesome. It feels wild and really cool.

Kate Elsworth does the vocals on Colourblind. You guys have worked together before, right?

Thomas Gold: Yup. We did “Alive” with Dirty South and “Eyes Wide Open.” “Colourblind” is our third song. I love how she writes and she’s got such a beautiful voice. Her vibe fits well with my music and musical ideas and we make a good team.

You’ve said EDC is one of your favorite American festivals, why is that?

Thomas Gold: They have a really solid set-up. I like how they put together the stages and the whole vibe here is great. The crowds are wild, everyone dresses up, and everyone is so into it. People know what EDC stands for and they take it seriously.

How would you describe your music to people who have never heard it before?

Thomas Gold: It’s very uplifting and melodic. It’s very house-ish, too. It’s got a lot of energy and big melodic breakdowns and punchy drops.

Any new music coming out that we should we keeping an eye out for?

Thomas Gold: Yah, I’ve actually been in the studio quite a bit lately. I have a bunch of new tracks that I’m working on. I have a big vocal tune coming up that I actually wanted to play today but it’s not quite there yet. I’m also working with a bunch of vocalists on a lot of new songs and it’s all very exciting. I can’t wait to get back into the studio and put everything together.

How does being from Berlin influence your music?

Thomas Gold: The influences aren’t too obvious actually. The Berlin music scene is very different from the rest of the world. It’s so underground and tech-y and minimalistic. The scene is very organic. It’s been growing for years and years and they keep it as it is. When I’m home though and have some time, I go out a lot. Or at least, I try to go out a lot. So I get a lot of ideas from just hearing music when I’m out. I’ll take down an idea in my head or on my phone and then go back to the studio and play around with it.

You’ve had a lot of huge remixes, but my favorite is Set Fire To The Rain. How did that one happen?

Thomas Gold: Adele’s manager approached my manager, and I was obviously super happy about it. I love Adele and I love that song. I actually wasn’t sure if I should do it because it was such a big track. If I’m doing a remix, I want to deliver something really good, so it was a challenge. It took me a while and I went through a few versions. I had an initial idea when I first heard the song, but it went through many changes. I’m super happy to have done it though and really proud of how it turned out.

When did you get into EDM?

Thomas Gold: I started playing the keyboard at 7 years old. As for EDM though, that was around when I was 15. I got my first synth keyboard and started making tracks at that point.

That concludes our interview, but we’d like to thank Thomas Gold very much for his time. Be sure to check out his new track, Colourblind, below!