Fareoh’s “Cloud Ten” Is A Monument To Melody


Everyone’s had their fill of cheesy EDM tracks in 2016, but every now and then a producer puts out a track so overwhelmingly sugary that it comes full circle to sound subversive and challenging. Fareoh took a creative risk when he decided to stick with the progressions he chose for “Cloud Ten,” but you can’t get around that the end result just plain works.

For that matter, though, “Cloud Ten” also shines for its unique synthesis of stylistic elements. Much of the song’s layered melodies are put together with synths common to mainstream progressive house, but the arrangement is underscored with a future bass drum pattern – and punctuated every several measures by tongue-in-cheek sound effects.

The only real strike against “Cloud Ten” is that Fareoh already put out a similar version in his remix of Skrillex and Big Grams’ “Drum Machine.” He did update it to some extent, but not quite enough to warrant a separate release in my opinion.

Regardless, Fareoh‘s “Cloud Ten” proves the up-and-coming artist is capable of coming up with interesting devices as a producer.