Two Fatalities Occur At HARD Summer


Electronic music festival HARD Summer took place in Pomona, California over the weekend, and in a tragic turn of events, two female attendees aged 18 and 19 have passed away due to suspected substance abuse. Authorities have not yet revealed the names of the deceased, but will do so after their family members have been notified.

ABC News reports that the 18-year-old attendee collapsed at the event and was transported to Pomona Valley Medical Center where she was pronounced dead at 6:04 PM. The details were identical for the 19-year-old attendee, except that her time of death was 8:10 PM.

We Got This Covered expresses our condolences for the deceased in light of the unfortunate events that transpired at HARD Summer. As always, we encourage music fans to make their festival experiences more about the music than the party – a lesson which anyone who wishes to embody this lifestyle for a long period of time must learn.