Fedde Le Grand Drops New Single “Down On Me”


After receiving a number of top notch remixes over the last few months for “Keep On Believing” from Lost Causes, Zilverstep and Raiden, as well a number of alternate versions of “Immortal,” Fedde Le Grand is back this week with the release of his latest offering “Down On Me.”

The new single kicks off with a tremolo pad and a whining synth lead, creating a solid introduction before some heavily auto-tuned vocals join the mix. After an energetic build up, Fedde Le Grand pushes “Down On Me” into the drop, complete with uplifting chord stabs and driving club beats.

To coincide with the release of “Down On Me,” Fedde Le Grand has commissioned an accompanying lyric video that features plenty of footage of the DJ on stage performing before packed crowds as he travels the globe.

Fedde Le Grand‘s newest effort serves its purpose and features high production standards, but winds up feeling a bit light on ideas with a predictable house sound that feels like something you’ve heard before.

“Down On Me” is available now via Ultra Records, and you can grab your own copy of the new single here.