Fedde Le Grand’s Cinematic Was Made For The Silver Screen


We doubt that Fedde Le Grand‘s primary intention behind his GRAND stage shows was to promote a new track, but he still definitely succeeded in doing so. By opening GRAND’s official promo video with his latest track, “Cinematic,” he effectively married the larger-than-life imagery of the spectacle to the song itself – so much so that when we finally listened to it with no visual aid it still made us relive the wonderment of the shows all over again.

That’s not to say that the song doesn’t hold up on its own. Catchy verses by L.A.-based singer songwriter Denny White accompany rich instrumentals, leading up to an anthemic chorus which then gives way to fist-pumping synths. However, the imagery of the GRAND video was still so intertwined with “Cinematic” that its official music video consisted only of clips from the former. While it obviously serves its purpose well, it might have been nice to see something new for the track’s official release.

Nonetheless, Fedde Le Grand‘s “Cinematic” has already found its way into the soundtrack of Ultra Japan’s official aftermovie as well as landing in the top 5 on the Beatport progressive house charts. Check out the official video for the song above and let us know if it’ll make it into your Summer soundtrack in the comments section below.

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