Fedde Le Grand’s “Immortal” Gets Remixed


Fedde Le Grand has a new remix collection out this week for his collaboration with Erene on “Immortal,” taken from his latest album Something Real. The “Immortal” package offers up an eclectic mix of re-imaginings for the recent song, with Tony Romera and Leroy Styles taking on the remix responsibilities.

Tony Romera delivers a funky, future bass flavored rework of the song, injecting stuttering, rhythmic synth phrases, offbeat percussion and arpeggio splashes, while keeping the familiar topline melodies at the forefront of the mix. Leroy Styles brings a deep house take to the table, with bouncy bass hits, ambient synths and four on the floor rhythms. The remix collection also features a stripped down acoustic version that turns “Immortal” on its head, switching out the electronic elements for guitar strums and cavernous live percussion.

Overall, the new remix pack for Fedde Le Grand‘s “Immortal” delivers some solid reworks of the tune courtesy of Tony Romera and Leroy Styles, while it’s always fun to hear an electronic track get the acoustic treatment.