Felix Cartal’s “Keep Up” Gets Eclectic Remix Pack


Back in August, Felix Cartal released his collaboration with Steph Jones on “Keep Up,” an infectious summer dance tune with an intrinsic pop appeal. With smooth vocal hooks and a forward thinking production, “Keep Up” left a positive impression on us when it was released, and now it’s back on our minds as a three track remix EP surfaces for the single.

Up first is Ex Boyfriend’s somber future bass rendition. The remix opens with some moving synth chords and the original tune’s topline melodies, leading into some unique drops complete with slow rolling trap rhythms, vocal chop melodies and ethereal synth chords. Ben Zamora brings an upbeat flip of “Keep Up” to the table, dominated by offbeat synth stabs, four on the floor beats and jaunty piano chords.

It’s Brohug’s remix that really steals the spotlight though, delivering a driving bass house rendition of the song. The rework kicks off with a steady house beat, before the drums cut out to make way for the chord progression and vocals from the original mix. Moving into the drops, a barrage of bass notes carve out an intense rhythm over electrifying dancefloor rhythms.

Ex Boyfriend, Ben Zamora and Brohug each deliver a unique take on Felix Cartal‘s summer anthem, and combined, their remixes make for a solid collection. You can grab a free download of all three right here.