Ferry Corsten Delivers A Trance Remix Of Tritonal’s Gamma Gamma


It’s been almost a couple months since Tritonal’s electro house banger “Gamma Gamma” made for a bold departure from the Austin, Texas duo’s usual style, but trance heavyweight Ferry Corsten has released a remix that brings a softer touch to the summer anthem. Corsten’s version keeps many of the key elements of the original while making it more palatable to fans on his end of the four-four spectrum, and we’ll go as far as to say that he’s struck a poignant balance.

The most significant addition in Corsten’s version is the rolling bass kicks, which immediately evoke the euphoric spirit of his other releases in the trance realm. The melodic interlude of the original – which may well be its strongest asset – remains wholly intact, but its chugging electro drop is replaced with an airy peak that levels off to leave the listener on a high note.

After listening to Ferry Corsten‘s remix of Tritonal’s “Gamma Gamma,” check out the original below and let us know which version you like better by sounding off in the comments section.

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