Ferry Corsten To Ressurect Gouryella Live Show In 2016


If what took place at Dreamstate this past weekend in SoCal was any indicator, trance is poised for a momentous comeback. As if seeking to ride the wave of the imminent resurgence, trance icon Ferry Corsten has announced that he will bring back his Gouryella project in 2016, and will soon be announcing a series of live shows set to take place throughout the world.

The Gouryella project was originally a 1999 collaboration between Corsten and Tiësto, who was himself arguably the biggest name in trance at one point. Following Tiësto’s 2001 departure from the project, Corsten would collaborate with another Dutch producer named John Ewbank before shelving it for 13 years. However, after releasing a new single through the project titled “Anahera,” he made the decision to relaunch it once and for all.

In regards to his decision, Ferry Corsten commented:

“Throughout my career, wherever I’ve played in the world, one question that continues to crop up from the fans is when I am going to bring Gouryella back. I’ve always been incredibly touched by the love and appetite they’ve shown this side of my musical career. For the last 4 maybe 5 years I’ve been thinking about bringing Gouryella back but just haven’t been able to find the right production when I was in the studio, that was until ‘Anahera’, after the feedback from the fans on this latest Gouryella track. I know it was time!”

While he has yet to announce any tour dates or other information about the project, make sure to check back with us as we’ll present you with updates on Ferry Corsten‘s Gouryella project as he makes them available.