Find Your Zen With Ilan Bluestone’s Bonsai


Ilan Bluestone has offered up a piece of trance euphoria with “Bonsai,” a contemplative track with a twinge of progressive house influence. Earlier in the year, Above & Beyond premiered it at their show at The Forum in Los Angeles to such staggering approval that they decided to release it through their Anjunabeats imprint.

Opening with an echoey, vaguely eastern-sounding melody, “Bonsai” picks up steam with a drum pattern in triplets before opening up into a synth lead designed to set a sold-out stadium ablaze. The lack of vocals doesn’t detract from the arrangement, which seems balanced enough with what elements are present to stand up on its own.

Give “Bonsai” by Ilan Bluestone a listen using the player above and tell us, do you like his stripped-down approach, or would you prefer a trance number to have more bells and whistles? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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