Firebeatz And Jay Hardway Make A Flop With “Home”


It’s a sad state of affairs for electronic music when three major Spinnin’ DJs can team up on a track and it doesn’t even come out sounding right. Big room house duo Firebeatz teamed up with Jay Hardway on “Home,” and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought that I’d accidentally clicked on a work in progress file from a high school-age bedroom producer.

On “Home,” the three producers attempted to emulate a creative vein within progressive house that’s recently become popular in which much of the melody is driven by vocal sample cuts that are too short to form discernible words or phrases. The synth melody leading up to the drop sounds a bit too video gamey to fit the rest of the production, though, and likely owing to Firebeatz’ passé sensibilities, the drop is as interchangeable as anything.

This Hardwell On Air rip of “Home” is only a teaser, and the official release date of the track is December 28th.In the meantime, though, give Firebeatz and Jay Hardway’s upcoming collaboration a listen and let us know if you see yourself purchasing it by commenting below.