The Debut Of Martin Garrix’s STMPD Radio Features Steve James


Launching your own Beats 1 show is becoming something of a “Look Ma I made it” milestone for artists spanning the electronic music spectrum. Recently, Martin Garrix debuted his new Beats 1 show, STMPD Radio, using the first episode as a platform to give exposure to Los Angeles-based artist Steve James.

Garrix premiered James’ new track, “Nothing To Lose,” on the inaugural edition of the show. Even though the song isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, it’s impressive for an artist who’s still a teenager to come out with such a cohesive concept.

For the most part, though, the first episode of STMPD Radio lacks a certain degree of focus. Martin Garrix has spoken at length about how he wants to give exposure to multiple genres with his STMPD brand, but at least for now, it’s failed to follow a central theme of any sort.

Nonetheless, it’s still only the first installment, so Martin Garrix‘s STMPD Radio has plenty of room to grow. The next episode will air on July 1st.