Flosstradamus, GTA And Lil Jon Team Up For Prison Riot


What do you get when you put Flosstradamus and GTA on a track together? Absolute madness, that’s what.

The much-anticipated collaboration between the trap and twerk music masters is now out and comes complete with a perfectly fit title, “Prison Riot.” Featuring the king of the party, Lil Jon, the song utilizes his infamous voice and natural hype man abilities to initiate some serious trap arms. Combine that with a filthy, synth-heavy drop infused with more than enough horns and glitch breaks to start a mosh pit – or even more, a prison riot – and you have an absolute banger.

Throughout the song, faint sounds of inmates screaming occur between the echoing drums as Lil Jon yells, “I came here just to turn up!” amongst other aggressive phrases, painting a vivid scene of the explosive response that “Prison Riot” will no doubt receive at festivals this summer.

This track is part of FlosstradamusSoundclash EP, which drops on April 20th aka 4/20 – appropriate for the HDYBYZ, right? It features six tracks with appearances by Valentino Khan, NYMZ, Run The Jewels and more, and can be purchased via iTunes. If you’re digging “Prison Riot,” be sure to pick it up.

Source: Complex