Flume Announces World Tour And Debuts Some New Music


As the clock winds down to the release of Flume‘s hugely anticipated sophomore album Skin, the Australian born producer took to Facebook today to share a new video announcing an upcoming world tour. In the announcement, the future bass frontrunner reveals that the tour will feature more than forty-five stops around the world.

The music featured in the video is unreleased as of this point and consists of a repetitive arpeggiated synth line and percussive splashes of white noise, building up to a signature beat with broken sounding drums and growling bass. The teaser gives us a brief glimpse at the new stage show as well, with quick cuts showing off the light display as Flume twiddles the knobs of various controllers.

The multi-continent tour will see Flume performing in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe, with tickets available as early as May 6. For more information, check out the official website and let us know if you’ll be seeing the DJ live at any point on his tour.