Flume Releases His First Single Of 2015


Finally, Australian producer Flume has released his first single of 2015, and it’s an absolute knockout. Dark and subdued, the track, titled “Some Minds,” features vocals from Andrew Wyatt, who you may remember from A-Track’s “Push.”

A definite departure from his usual sound, “Some Minds” is a soulful and tasteful tune that may catch some of Harley’s fans off guard. The bass heavy drop feels like Flume, but the majority of the track shines the spotlight on the vocals, which is an interesting decision but one that’s perfectly fine with us.

Accompanying the new song is a trippy music video that compliments “Some Minds” perfectly, as it shows Flume floating around the Sydney Opera House as a ominous vibe permeates throughout.

Take a listen to “Some Minds” above and let us know what you think of Flume‘s new track. Are you digging this new direction? Sound off below.