Flume Releases Suggestive Video For “Never Be Like You”


Flume has allowed the tracks of his Skin EP a month to simmer since their long-awaited release, and now that they’ve had time to bounce around between DJ sets all over the world, he’s released the video for the most memorable song of the bunch.

“Never Be Like You” featuring Kai has received an official music video that deals with somewhat sultry topic matter. Depicting a woman’s hazy waking recollections of the previous night, the video takes a less-is-more approach with its cinematography. Flume himself even makes a brief cameo, momentarily playing the male actor’s part – almost as if to imply that the woman opposite him had been thinking of someone else.

Whether “Never Be Like You” will be the only music video for a track from Flume‘s Skin EP or will simply be the first remains to be seen, but for now, make a trip down to the comments section after watching it and tell us what you think.

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