Flume Doesn’t Want To Rush His Upcoming Album


No conversation about future bass and contemporary midtempo is complete without mention of Sydney, Australia-based Flume, which makes the impending release of his follow-up album all the more highly anticipated. To make it even more so, Harley Streten himself recently sat down with NME to discuss his upcoming effort and revealed some enlightening details in the process.

Aside from mentioning that the album would feature a lot of “really well-known dudes,” Streten spoke primarily about the delays to the disc’s release.

“I’ve got a lot of music,” he said. “I’ve been working on it for a long time on and off, I just feel like there’s a few things missing. There’s a track or two missing…I’m going to go and live in L.A. for a couple months and that’s when I’m planning on finishing it all off.”

The produced also mentioned having received pressures to finish the album, but stressed that he doesn’t want to rush it:

“I don’t feel like I need to rush it, I just want to put it out when it’s ready,” he said.

Head on over to NME to check out the full interview and tell us, are you as excited as we are to hear Flume‘s new album? Sound off below!