Flume’s New Single Has Us Even More Excited For Skin


We hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for this Flume album… We’ve all been anticipating Skin for a long time, and the Australian producer knows just how to keep us tied around his finger with every move. For example, he’s just released another single from Skin called “Smoke and Retribution,” an incredibly delicate track that only makes us yearn for more.

Apparently it wasn’t originally intended to have a rap over it, but all the same, Flume has brought on Vince Staples and Kučka to provide some pointed lyrics that make the tune whole. Overall, “Smoke and Retribution” is a daring attempt to dive into the crevices of Flume’s trademark sound, and the track accomplishes the goal with ease.

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the song is its intelligent use of space and silence. The mix isn’t firing the entire way through, but is given time to recoup for meaningful additions. And of course, as with any great track, “Smoke and Retribution” comes from a humbled beginning. “I actually started this beat in the back of a van on the way to Vegas last year,” says Flume.

Listen above and stay on the lookout for more details.

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