Flux Pavilion And Snails Go Hard On “Cannonball”


Bass music masterminds Flux Pavilion and Snails have teamed up for a new collaboration, delivering a hard hitting dancefloor banger titled “Cannonball.” The new track features the sort of low end cacophony you’d expect from both producers, who deliver classic dubstep vibes that will satisfy fans of the genre.

“Cannonball” starts off with a bang as pummelling percussion and grinding synth bass fills the speakers. Some shouted male vocals are quickly introduced as the beats begin to grow in intensity, as the singer references the song’s namesake. The new track then dives head first into hard hitting dubstep drops with punchy beats and classic distorted bass sounds that will take you back to the golden age of EDM.

“Cannonball” is a driving dubstep banger that burns through its energy in a rapid fashion, clocking in at a mere two and a half minutes in length. The production definitely seems to owe more to Flux Pavilion‘s style than Snails’ usual croaking bass workouts, but we’re still left with a quality dancefloor heater with plenty of subwoofer fire power.

“Cannonball” is available now via Circus Records and can be purchased here.