Flux Pavilion’s Collaboration With Riff Raff Is A Head Scratcher


We knew Flux Pavilion was planning on changing some things up for his upcoming album, but really? Riff Raff?

“Who Wants To Rock” is Flux Pavilion’s first release since announcing Tesla, his long-awaited debut album – and yeah, it “doesn’t strictly sound like [we] would expect,” but it’s just a weird statement to make. A UK dubstep mainstay featuring a bizarre, American gimmick rapper on a track seems like some sort of sacrilege. We’re all for crossovers, but only when they work.

And that said, the track does kind of work. Flux’s production skills are still evident through the creative fingerprint he’s left on the track, and the energetic hip-hop beat that underscores Riff Raff’s verses sounds pretty catchy – if you can mentally filter out the verses themselves. The drop isn’t life-changing but it’s not awful either, and the percussion throughout is enough to get a dance floor moving.

More than anything, we’re just curious if we can expect to see more of the same on Flux Pavilion‘s debut album, which is slated for release on September 18th.