WGTC Premiere: Fox Stevenson – “Saloon”


Drum and bass producers are certainly no strangers to quirk, but I can’t think of a track quite like this one. Leeds-based Fox Stevenson has been capturing the brighter end of the drum and bass spectrum for several years, but “Saloon” marks his first song that pays homage to the Wild West.

Accompanying the uptempo, syncopated drum pattern in a couple sections of “Saloon” is a sample of one of John Wayne’s monologues from the 1971 spaghetti western “Big Jake.” Harmonica samples counterbalance the reverberant sawtooths on the high end without detracting from the signature Fox Stevenson sound.

I don’t anticipate that Fox Stevenson‘s “Saloon” will mark the birth of a drum and bass subgenre unto itself, but it certainly fits his well-known penchant for musical tomfoolery.

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