Fuck You!

Most people would associate Katy Perry’s song ‘California Gurls’, or Taio Cruz’s song ‘Dynamite’ with the summer’s top jam. However, there is one song the prevails over all of these pop hits and it’s called ‘Fuck You’ by Cee Lo. Excuse the profanity, but this song is a must hear and will make your day better. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cee Lo, he is also the lead singer of hip-hop/funk band Gnarlz Barkley.

This song was released last week and is sure to blow up all over the internet. To the avid radio listeners, I’m not quite sure there will be a legitimate radio version of a song titled “Fuck You” however it is already being played on several XM Radio and Sirius Radio channels. This song is extremely catchy and is a remedy for those every day problems we go through.

This is Cee Lo’s hit single featuring 50 cent in the remix.