Galantis Debut New Hook N Sling Collaboration “Love On Me”


After receiving some top notch remixes for their song “No Money” courtesy of Skrillex and Marshmello over the summer, Galantis are teasing some new material in the form of an upcoming collaboration with Australian producer Hook n Sling. The Swedish duo unveiled their latest creation during a performance over the weekend in Las Vegas, offering up the first taste of the new collaboration to the crowds at Life Is Beautiful.

The new song was debuted during a live stream from the Nevada based festival, meaning that the audio quality is somewhat wanting. However, the duo offer up a fairly lengthy preview that gives us a good idea of the direction they’ve taken.

Titled “Love On Me,” the new collab starts off with some ear catching female vocals over sparse synth chords, before a steel drum melody takes over as the percussion begins to build up. The clip then skips forward into the drop, with driving house rhythms layered under the same tropical motif.

“Love On Me” features a mainstream friendly production in vein with Galantis‘ other major songs, featuring catchy pop hooks set against a danceable backdrop. Look for it to release officially this Friday.