Galantis Reveal Official Music Video For “No Money”


Galantis gets that kids start listening to music to be transported far, far away from reality. For that reason, the Swedish electronic music duo chose a music video for their March release, “No Money,” that portrays a strangely fantastic scenario that’s even more fanciful than the song itself.

After all, the lyrics of “No Money” deal with the plausible and relatable dilemma of a child being shaken down by a bully. In the track’s Andrew Donoho-directed video, however, such a bully only makes but a brief appearance before rival gangs of face-painted youths convene to see their champions engage in a supernatural duel.

“No Money” has been Galantis’ only original release so far this year, but the duo have teased that a follow-up to last year’s Pharmacy might be feasible in 2016. Once the festival season kicks into high gear, it’s safe to say fans can expect more output from them.

In the meantime, check out the official music video for “No Money” above and let us know what you think by dropping a comment.