Galantis Unveil “Pillow Fight” During Live Performance


During a performance in San Jose last month, Galantis unveiled a new song for a packed audience as part of their California College tour. The upcoming track is titled “Pillow Fight,” and thanks to a live video captured during the concert we have our first taste of the Swedish duo’s next single.

Though the quality of the video clip is decidedly poor, it does present “Pillow Fight” in its entirety. The song opens with some serene synth pads as vocals courtesy of an unnamed singer begin to fill the speakers. After a percussion free first verse, the song picks up energy as Galantis transition into the drop, with driving four on the floor rhythms carving out a danceable groove as a dazzling melody takes the lead.

From what we hear in the video, “Pillow Fight” ranks among Galantis‘ best work as the duo deliver their latest mainstage anthem. Combining their usual hallmarks of lighthearted pop and energetic dance music, it looks like the DJs have another hit on their hands and we can’t wait for the official release.

As usual, we don’t know when to expect the new song to drop, but we’ll keep you posted with any new updates as they arrive.