Gallant Drops Live Rendition Of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer”


By this point, The Chainsmokers’ hit with Halsey, “Closer,” has become an inescapable song. The massive single was only released a couple of months ago, but its already dominated the airwaves, received a memorable live performance at the MTV VMA’s, and been the subject of a number of remixes from the likes of Slushii and Jauz. Now, vocalist Gallant has delivered a jazzy rendition of the song for BBC Radio 1 in the Live Lounge.

Gallant’s performance of “Closer” is driven by a lounge flavored update of the piano part from the original version, as the singer handles the vocal duties for both parts of the duet. Following the chorus, soaring electric guitar takes over to ring out the song’s familiar melodies.

The jazz tinged arrangement present on the new “Closer” cover definitely brings an interesting perspective to the tune, though Gallant‘s shaky falsetto delivery is a bit of a mixed bag. All in all though, the largely organic production from the original song work wells in the soulful new style and fans will appreciate the switched up arrangement.