Gareth Emery Gives It His All In Epic 5 Hour Set At The Hollywood Palladium


To close out his recent Drive: An American Road Trip tour, which was in support of his newest album, Gareth Emery landed in Los Angeles on November 22nd to play an epic, 5 hour set at the Hollywood Palladium. Packing the venue to the brim with fans eager to see what the legendary DJ had in store, Emery delivered an absolute spectacle, bringing out special guests, playing a wide variety of music and offering up a handful of surprises along the way.

With energy levels sky high, the crowd stayed with Emery all night as he took them on an incredible journey. From Christina Novelli’s beautiful acoustic performance of “Concrete Angel” (which had the DJ on piano duties), to his sister Roxanne Emery’s emotional and moving performance of “Soldier,” everyone was firing on all cylinders, sending chills down the spines of those in attendance with their fantastic live renditions of some of Emery’s most popular tracks.

Throughout the night, Gareth played nearly all of his album Drive as well as some of his trusty classics, too. Longtime fans got to hear “Tokyo,” “Sanctuary” and more, as the DJ dove back into some of his older stuff. Running nearly 5 hours long, the extended set also gave Emery a chance to show of his skills behind the deck, mixing and transitioning between tracks from deadmau5, Pryda, Knife Party, DVBBS, Vicetone, Dash Berlin and more. Fans got a huge range of music, ensuring that no matter where their tastes lied, there was something for everyone.

All in all, the concert was an incredible showcase of Emery’s talents as both a musician and performer, and as a longtime fan, I could not have been more pleased with what he delivered. Gareth Emery is undisputedly one of EDM’s most exciting and talented artists, and it was an absolute pleasure to see him give it his all in Los Angeles last month.

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