Gareth Emery Takes On CHVRCHES With “Bury It” Remix


After having a laugh at the expense of DJ Mag a couple weeks back with his side project CVNT5, Gareth Emery is back to offer up a new remix of Synthpop band CHVRCHES’ 2015 song “Bury It.” According to Emery on the SoundCloud description, the group had originally commissioned the remix from him but it was denied release from their label, so the DJ decided to take matters into his own hands and share it with fans.

Listening to the remix, it’s a wonder why CHVRCHES’ label declined to release it, as it’s an awesome re-imagining of “Bury It.” Serene synth pads and dreamy arpeggios open the song as Lauren Mayberry’s voice starts to fill the speakers. After a brief build up, Emery ignites his remix with electrifying bass stabs and rhythmic melodies before introducing ethereal vocal chop melodies.

The producer delivers a truly excellent remix of “Bury It” here, altering the structure of the song to craft a driving dancefloor cut that doesn’t compromise the melodic charm of the original. The synth work is stunning and intricate, expanding on the source material while taking on a life of its own.

Gareth Emery has offered up the remix as a free download, which he suggests you grab before the track gets taken down.

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