Generik Drops A Retro House Single With “Hi NRG”


Aussie producer Generik has returned with a new single, delivering a retro styled cut on “Hi NRG.” His latest offering features a blend of 90s rave and blog-haus, expanding on recent releases like “Late At Night” with a healthy dose of dance floor nostalgia.

“Hi NRG” kicks off with a bang, led by persistent house kicks, artificial claps and a jaunty series of offbeat piano chords that will take you back in time. The Melbourne based DJ pays homage to the sounds of the past, having fun with the piano driven production while infusing minimalistic square wave basslines and skewered vocal sample melodies.

With its old school appeal and bare bones structure, “Hi NRG” is a kinetic romp that will have you reliving your rave days of a bygone era. Best of all, Generik has offered up the new single as a free download, which can be found here.