George Maple Accuses Flume Of Plagiarizing What So Not And Skrillex



Come on, guys, hasn’t anybody told you that all electronic music sounds the same yet?

In a series of inflammatory tweets, Australian songstress George Maple has accused fellow Aussie and former collaborator Flume of appropriating music from a collaboration between Skrillex and What So Not. Incidentally, What So Not used to be a collaborative project between Flume and Emoh Instead until the former artist’s solo career took off, at which point he announced that he would be leaving to pursue it in greater depth.

Flume and What So Not have maintained a cordial public discourse through every stage of their split, all the way through the release of their final EP together – at least until Maple’s recent comments have suggested that there might be more going on beneath the surface.

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, she brought the following grievances to light:


According to Maple, the track in question on Flume’s Skin LP preview cues around 1:34 on the SoundCloud embed below…

…And bears what she purports to be undeniable similarities to a What So Not and Skrillex track, which can be heard at 40:50 in the following YouTube video:

Seriously? Off the top of my head, I can think of a track that sounds more like the track on Flume’s preview than the What So Not/Skrillex collab. Zoom to 1:00 in Troyboi and Stooki Sound’s “Welcome To London” and tell me it’s not a closer fit:

Don’t get me wrong, plagiarism is nothing to take lightly, and perhaps Maple is privy to some insider knowledge that makes her more qualified to speak on such matters. Nonetheless, until she can present more compelling evidence that Flume stole music from What So Not and Skrillex, maybe she ought to let her management oversee her social media accounts for the foreseeable future.

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