Getter – Radical Dude! EP Review

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On March 8, 2016
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Getter curates a craft more evolved than contemporary dubstep in Radical Dude! Simply put, this is the imminent paradigm shift that electronic music has been progressing towards.

Getter - Radical Dude! EP Review

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Liquefied bass. Pure, wholesome, globe-shaking bass handed over in a condensed form of sound that’s nearly tangible enough to grasp in the palm of your hands. The harder you squeeze, the harder the reverb.

Tanner Petulla is one of the predominant electronic artists absolutely crushing the dance music scene right now, as he has utilized the beginning of 2016 as a time to stretch his musical capabilities out toward various sub-genres within electronic music. Defiantly recognized as Getter, his signature 140-bpm sounds are a blazing force of bass that will annihilate anything in their path.

Released via Skrillex’s imprint OWSLA, Radical Dude! is a dynamic mixture of the old and the new; the EP boasts six high quality productions that both resonate with Getter’s classic bass-head adherents as well as turning new heads and attracting electronic music fans of a slightly different caliber. Following the recent “Suh Dude” record that was dropped recently, Radical Dude! continues to accentuate Getter’s hilariously entertaining social media episodes, specifically the viral ‘suh dude’ vine series he and close friend Nick Colletti have curated and garnered millions of followers with. Slimey visuals and grimey sounds make for an unparalleled sonic experience in the realm of Getter.

The inaugural track of Radical Dude!, entitled “Back,” is a perfect fit for the return of new Getter content. “Alright I’m back in this bitch,” echoes in the forefront and then quickly plunges into a bass-filled, hip-hop influenced beat. It starts off the EP on a strong note and primes listeners for the heavy sounds to come.

In terms of putting together a diverse composition that showcases Getter talented skillset, “Forget It” featuring Tree is extremely reminiscent of his 2015 Planet Neutral EP. Tree made multiple appearances on that effort, serving as a major component to the overall mood and style the EP adhered to as a whole. “Forget It” is an emotional track on Radical Dude! that knocks down barriers of any specific genre you may have thought Getter identified with. The chilled out beat is accompanied with addictive lyrics that’ll be stuck in your head in the middle of the night when you just can’t sleep. “Forget It” spotlights Getter’s soft side, illustrating a smooth, futuristic beat that still brings a tasteful amount of bass for the heavier listeners.

Closing out the EP is without a doubt the most aggressive track and maybe even a familiar dubstep tune you’ve heard in the past. From the top of my head, the extremely hard-hitting drop is recognizable from Excision’s Shambhala 2015 set; a collaboration with Buygore affiliate Adair that was once a remix to Alison Wonderland’s “U Don’t Know.”

Standing now as an original production, Getter has breathed new life into “Blood,” which features powerful vocals from Georgia Ku and goes from melodic to head banger in 2.5 seconds. This track represents an assimilation of elements, compiling a mixture of aggressive lyrics, hard-hitting basslines, and a highly unanticipated, trap-infused drop to round out the final moments of the EP. “Blood” finishes off both the individual track and Radical Dude! with a concluding drop of pulsating bass, trap-stylized vocal slices, and an unforgettable beat that truly reminds you that Getter is capable of anything.

Aside from the three tracks mentioned above, Radical Dude! also contains the beloved Ghastly collaboration “666!” and another recent release “Rip N Dip.” As well as “In The Cuts” with SNEEK, another hard-hitting dubstep tune similar to “Back,” Radical Dude! possesses it all. From melodic to trap to future to classic dubstep, this body of work displays multiple strains of Getter’s production style in a concise pack of six individually commanding tracks. With support from the likes of Skrillex, Borgore, and more, Radical Dude! is a physical mantra for more than just one side of bass music.

Getter - Radical Dude! EP Review

Getter curates a craft more evolved than contemporary dubstep in Radical Dude! Simply put, this is the imminent paradigm shift that electronic music has been progressing towards.

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