Ghasper Delivers Ominous Trap Vibes With “Turtle Ship”


Trap Nation’s new label Lowly Palace is back to offer up yet another strong release, this time showcasing up and comer Ghasper‘s new single “Turtle Ship.” The Las Vegas based musician has made a name for himself with his top tier production values and penchant for pushing boundaries, and his latest release continues these trends.

Sonically, “Turtle Ship” is an ominous trap cut with ethereal synths and an eastern flare. The song begins with deep bass swells and reverb drenched sound design, setting the pace for what’s to come. An eerie laugh sample kicks off the first drop, as blaring sub kicks pound out a head nodding beat while a koto-like string instrument plucks a catchy melody. The single concludes on a high note as it cycles through the drop one last time, elevating the energy with a barrage of tom rolls and high pitched synths.

With “Turtle Ship,” Ghasper spits out a thumping dancefloor production with a forward thinking vibe. The beats hit hard enough to satisfy serious trap fans, while the tune exhibits some pensive synth work that truly pushes it to the next level.