Gigamesh Drops A Funky Single Titled “History”


Ahead of his upcoming debut studio album Time Travel, Gigamesh has dropped a new single titled “History.” For his latest offering, Gigamesh has enlisted the help of NYC subway singer Damon C Scott on vocal duties, and the two deliver a catchy blend of dance and pop.

“History” features a mix of upbeat house rhythms and overtly funky production points with plucky basslines and wavy synth stabs. Damon’s soulful vocals serve as a highlight on the new song, complimenting the groovy backing track and cementing its lyrical themes.

In a quote, Gigamesh discussed the inspiration behind the lyrics of “History,” revealing that it’s reflective of his worldview.

History is a song that sums up my outlook on life. The lyrics are unabashedly optimistic, however I don’t intend for it to be blindly positive.I am a pretty politically engaged person and politics can often be pretty disheartening, especially the current climate in the USA.However, I fundamentally remain confident that compassion and wisdom will save us from the forces of hate and ignorance. That’s what ‘History’ is about.

Time Travel is due for release on August 19, but “History” is available now and can be purchased here.

Source: Mixmag