Goldwash Drops A Dazzling Video For “Separate”


Following up on the release of his recent single “Honest” earlier in the year, Goldwash is back with a slick new music video for his song “Separate.” Taken from his upcoming debut EP, “Separate” features Goldwash’s self-described existential funk sound, delivering soulful vocal hooks and an irresistibly groovy production.

The video for “Separate” features a unique concept that revolves around a couple who break into a house and then proceed to dress themselves in the homeowner’s clothes as they bust out some ballroom dance moves. Shots of Goldwash taking to the ivory keys to deliver the song’s swanky vocal hooks are interspersed throughout the video as well.

Featuring dazzling cinematography and excellent choreography, the new video for “Separate” serves as a fitting tie-in to its accompanying single. The alluring music and captivating dance moves featured throughout will have you forgetting that the video’s subjects are intruders by the time it’s over, making for a memorable promotional clip.

“Separate” is set to be featured on Goldwash‘s upcoming EP LDR, which is slated for release next month.

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