Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” Is Spotify’s Most-Played Song Of 2012

Considering that it never stopped playing for what felt like the entire first half of 2012, it’s not too surprising to learn that Gotye’s twin-sided electro ballad “Somebody That I Used To Know” was the most popular song on Spotify this year. The song, which you couldn’t not hear if you turned on an electronic device or went outside into the street or visited a couple’s karaoke bar, takes the form of an argument between two modern lovers, lovers who pent-up their feelings and come to hate one another for being themselves. Thus goes 21st century life.

In second place, Carly Rae Jepson’s bubblegum pop hit “Call Me Maybe,” a song which came to redefine the nation’s thoughts on its very turbulent relationship with China. Not really: it was about a promiscuous girl falling in love with a gay guy and getting, like, rejected. The song, of course, was so darn catchy that people started to believe that they literally wouldn’t be able to turn it off. And then they did, which was good. Third place went to hipster night-out anthem “We Are Young” by fun., (which will serve only to make the song more unpopular amongst that crowd), followed by a whole bunch of other songs that just aren’t worth mentioning. Seriously.

If you like lists and noises, feel free to check out the official list in its entirety right here.

Source: The Week

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