The GRAND Aftermovie Is A Spectacle All Its Own


Fedde Le Grand has had the opportunity to test out his GRAND performance concept in Amsterdam, and if the official aftermovie is any indicator, he’s taken EDM stage shows to a whole new level. Prolific videographer Final Kid shot one of the performances recently and what he’s put together looks like no live show we’ve ever seen.

You might remembered when Fedde Le Grand spoke with We Got This Covered about what he had in mind for GRAND, saying the following:

“What I didn’t want is me playing, somebody coming on, going off, just random stuff happening,” he told us. “What I really wanted is to take a track, or two tracks, and sit down with the guys who do the choreography, or the guys who do the visuals – preferably all at the same time – so everyone is synced to each other.”

Considering that dancers, vocalists, visual effects coordinators and god knows how many other professionals from different fields had to come together to make the shows happen, how much they were able to coordinate is nothing short of a miracle. What’s more, Fedde even told us that the technology available for stage shows like these allows for real-time decisionmaking – “so it’s still real DJing,” as he put it.

After watching the video above, would you consider checking out a night of Fedde Le Grand‘s GRAND stage show? Sound off below and let us know.

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