Green Day Earn Their Fastest Number One Single With “Bang Bang”


Green Day is living up to the title of their upcoming 12th studio album, Revolution Radio, with the record’s lead single, “Bang Bang.” The song just hit number one on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart, which means it was the most played track on rock radio stations in the past week.

Though hit singles aren’t an unfamiliar thing with Green Day, their top spot with “Bang Bang” is notable as it is now the band’s fastest rise to number one on the Mainstream Rock charts, nabbing the position in only three weeks. Their previous best was 2009’s “Know Your Enemy,” which reached the mark in five weeks.

Of course, Green Day is probably best known for their success on the Pop Songs chart, where the band has collected several Top 40 hits over the years, including a number one single in 2004’s emo anthem “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” “Bang Bang” hasn’t yet made an appearance on the Pop charts, and given the song’s rock nature, it most likely isn’t going to, but that doesn’t mean Revolution Radio won’t have some Pop Songs contenders somewhere in its track listing.

Revolution Radio is the follow-up to Green Day’s ambitious series of three albums – ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! – which received mixed reviews upon its release in the fall of 2012. The band will be shooting for a better reception with the new album when it comes out on October 7th via Reprise Records.

Source: Billboard

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