Green Day Rob A Bank In “Bang Bang” Music Video


It just isn’t a Green Day single without an equally insane music video to go along with it, right? After having witnessed a motorcycle ride to a concert in the video for “Kill the DJ” and the band surrounded by fire in a prison for “Know Your Enemy,” nothing really surprises us anymore. For Green Day’s new video for “Bang Bang,” the trio goes and robs a bank – or at least their lookalikes do.

In the “Bang Bang” clip, crooks disguised as Green Day (wearing creepy Green Day masks) rob a bank while the band is playing a rowdy house party, but the criminals luckily have the common decency to appear at the show and throw all the money in the air upon their arrival.

The fun video ultimately matches the tone of the song itself, which serves as the lead single for the band’s upcoming album, Revolution Radio. “Bang Bang” was directed by legendary punk musician Tim Armstrong, who’s best known as the guitarist and vocalist of Rancid – it’s the first time Green Day’s had a video done by him.

You can watch the video for “Bang Bang” above, and while you wait for Revolution Radio, out on October 7th, you can pass the time by checking out the title track from the record, too.