Grimes isn’t exactly subtle about the inspiration for her new breakup song

Photo by Jordan Uhl/Flickr

Musician Grimes‘ newest single may include the science fiction themes of some of her past music, often shrouding the meaning in futuristic metaphors. But, this time, the very personal real-life meaning behind it isn’t tough to decode.

The Canadian artist, whose real name is Claire Boucher, is known for blending electronic, dream pop, R&B, hip hop, and other genres. The futuristic sounds lend themselves well to the similarly-futuristic aesthetics in her lyrics.

However, just a few of the lines in her latest song, “Player of Games,” and a recent reported breakup with entrepreneur and space enthusiast Elon Musk make us more than a little suspicious that the song is specifically about the Tesla founder.

Musk, the richest man on earth, is the founder of Space X. The entrepreneur has frequently talked about space exploration as a key motivation for his business interests, which he believes will progress humanity. And as for saving the world, he thinks he’s the only man for the job.

Musk’s bedside manner on social media arguably leaves room for improvement, as is evidenced by a recent re-surfaced Twitter feud with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders over their ongoing disagreements about U.S. tax policies.

Though Grimes and Musk share a child with a notoriously difficult-to-pronounce name and had been together for about three years, the pair split back in September, Page Six reported.

Check out the lyric video and see if you can think of who the song might be aimed at:

It’s easy to see how the following lyric may relate to the space-enthused Musk: “Sail away / To the cold expanse of space / Even love / Couldn’t keep you in your place.”

For another artist, you could say it’s open to interpretation, but most musicians aren’t breaking up with guys who build rocket ships.

For our money, it certainly sounds like Grimes believes her ex cares more about his business interests than his personal life, with lyrics like: “If I loved him any less / I’d make him stay / But he has to be the best / Player of games.”