Gryffin Gives “Heading Home” An Acoustic Flip


Gryffin made a splash in early 2016 when he released his debut single “Heading Home,” an indie flavored dance pop cut that featured Australian singer-songwriter Josef Salvat. The two artists have now reunited for an acoustic rendition of their hit song together, delivering a new video clip of the performance.

Seen above, the video for “Heading Home” features the two artists in a studio setting as they perform the acoustic version of “Heading Home,” with Gryffin behind the piano playing the familiar chord progression from the original. Stripping away the electronic elements that helped propel “Heading Home” as a dance floor hit, the acoustic version reveals the delicate songwriting beneath, resulting in an emotional performance of the celebrated track.

The acoustic rendition of “Heading Home” just goes to prove Gryffin‘s versatility as a musician capable of producing club ready tracks while demonstrating his penchant for beautiful instrumentation and ear catching melodies.