Gryffin’s “Whole Heart” Gets A Remix From Young Bombs


Back in August, rising star Gryffin stunned listeners with his Bipolar Sunshine collaboration “Whole Heart,” an indie flavored dance cut with an infectious sound. Now, Vancouver based DJ duo Young Bombs are taking on Gryffin’s latest collaboration with their own rendition of the catchy tune, offering up a mesmerizing rework of “Whole Heart.”

Young Bombs open their “Whole Heart” remix with some plodding piano chords and warm ambience, before Bipolar Sunshine’s vocal track from the original tune takes the lead. As the remix picks up speed, the DJ duo move past the stripped down verses into jaunty future bass drops, complete with synth chord splashes and sublime vocal chop melodies layered over electrifying rhythms.

With some nice production touches and incredibly catchy drops, Young Bombs offer up a suitable flip of “Whole Hearts,” proving why they’re some of the best remixers in the game right now. The duo bring uplifting vibes and undeniable rhythms to the table, delivering a solid remix that takes the song in a new direction while still preserving the best parts of the source material.