GTA Finally Drop “Goons (Funtcantasy)” Ahead Of DTG Vol. 2


It seems like in the world of trap music, a track garners more attention when it’s played out live ahead of its release than on the actual day of its release. This trend hasn’t been lost on GTA, as they drummed up months of buzz for “Goons (Funtcantasy)” before finally dropping the track on their fans.

A no-frills banger that doesn’t stray far from the trap formula, “Goons” appears to be the main single from DTG Vol. 2. The duo also recently started an ambiguous online countdown that ends tomorrow, which more than likely corresponds to the EP’s release.

Really, though, the rest of the EP had better bring more to the table than “Goons” does if GTA hopes to earn the favor of anybody outside the ever-narrowing demographic of diehard trap music fans. As well as the track may do when played live, it fails to bring anything new to trap music – a genre which now more than ever is going the way of dubstep.