GTA’s “My Mamacita” Ft. Rich The Kid Misses The Mark


It feels like I just got done writing about how festival trap wouldn’t survive long into 2016, but apparently GTA didn’t get the memo. The Miami-based EDM duo teamed up with Woodstock, Georgia rapper Rich The Kid on “My Mamacita,” a song which fails to bring anything new to either hip-hop or electronic music.

From a production standpoint, what GTA have delivered isn’t exactly an affront to music, but it’s nothing exceptional either. A tragically interchangeable melody during the verse builds up to a drop that falls short of being memorable, coming across more as an industry beat for emcees than something designed to hold up by its own merit.

For that matter, Rich The Kid’s verses don’t exactly carry “My Mamacita” either. They adhere to the trite, triplet-based structure that has become one of mainstream hip-hop’s most laughable clichés in recent years, and the lyrical content itself is unapologetically mundane.

It’s not beyond GTA to turn out music of substance, so I’m willing to hold out hope that they simply started 2016 off on the wrong foot. After all, for what they’ve turned out in the past, GTA are still an act to pay attention to in 2016.

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