Hardcore Raver Literally Breaks His Neck At Barely Alive Show


In a turn of events that reads like a Wunderground article, a Barely Alive fan literally went so hard at a recent show in Seattle, Washington that he left the party in an ambulance and a neck brace.

Dangelo Jiminez, who we can safely regard as one of the most hardcore ravers out there, broke his neck during the performance after the music made him lose control. Barely Alive is known for their bone crushing Dubstep drops and heavy live sets, and Jiminez has set the rage bar high for his fellow steppers with the story.

After hearing the news, Barely Alive took to Facebook to share his story, which they’ve accurately described as “metal as fuck.” In addition to sharing the fan’s story and a picture of his X-ray, Barely Alive has also guest-listed him for life, which in our book pretty much makes up for the potentially fatal injury.

Thankfully, Jiminez has reported that he is feeling better then ever, following his fifteen hour stint in the emergency room.