Hardwell And Afrojack’s “Hollywood” Sounds Just Like You’d Expect


On the off chance that you woke up today with a burning desire to hear a collaboration between two artists who are individually such main stage clones that you can’t even tell where each one’s influence begins and ends on the track, Hardwell and Afrojack have got you covered. The two Dutchmen have teamed up on “Hollywood,” a pump-you-up track that ought to sufficiently fill your “meh” quota more than anything else.

The track preview in the player above exudes the same melodramatic hype of every other Revealed Recordings release on the market, but with perhaps even less thought devoted to the synth lead than usual. Where the typical Hardwell banger at least succeeds in communicating some kind of story, the buildup/drop scheme of “Hollywood” ultimately comes across even more forced than usual.

Without having witnessed the production process firsthand (it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t either), it somehow just feels right to blame Afrojack for the track’s shortcomings. As interchangeable as both artists may be, he’s indisputably the lesser of the two.

The official release date of Hardwell and Afrojack’s “Hollywood” is January 25th – and for the weight carried by their names alone, the track will undoubtedly receive major support well into the 2016 festival season.

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