Hardwell And Craig David’s Collaboration Is Finally Here


When Hardwell shared the stage with iconic R&B vocalist Craig David to unleash their collaboration at Ultra Miami earlier this year, it was clear the pair had a major release waiting in the wings. Now the result of their studio time is finally here as “No Holding Back” hits the internet for streaming and purchase.

Jazzy chord stacks and groovy 2-step beats serve as a backdrop for Craig David’s catchy hooks throughout the verses, setting the garage vibes for “No Holding Back” from the get go. The drops are simple but effective, as rolling deep house bass stabs and punchy kicks pound out a steady rhythm offset by shuffled hi-hats and hand claps.

Craig David’s bittersweet singing really steals the show here, and Hardwell crafts a restrained production around his vocals that take them to the next level. Overall, it’s interesting to hear the Dutch producer stepping outside of his comfort zone with the new release as he explores the genre staples of classic garage, in contrast to the electro style that dominates most of his music.