Hardwell Cuts The Music To Break Up Festival Brawl

While Hardwell turned heads when he unveiled his new collaboration with Quintino during the latest episode of his radio show, that wasn’t the only notable happening for the Dutch DJ over the weekend. During his set at Yangon’s 808 Festival on Saturday, Hardwell was forced to put his performance on hold for a moment to break up a fight that had erupted in the crowd.

After the brawl grew large enough to be visible from the stage, Hardwell took it upon himself to pause the music and remind the trouble makers of the PLUR ethos that is supposed to underscore the dance music community. A video of the whole scenario has now surfaced on social media, and we can hear the Dutch DJ exclaim “take the fight out of the f—ing party because we need to party without the fight here.”

Though it seems obvious enough, the incident serves as an important reminder that the point of a music festival is to have a good time, and it’s nice to see a big DJ like Hardwell take the time out of his performance to reprimand rowdy audience members who are detracting from the fun.